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Investing In Property Can Be Exciting Says New Lynn Real Estate Agent


Investing in property is serious! After all there is a lot of money involved especially in the vibrant local investment property market according to a New Lynn real estate agent. In order to make it a smart investment you need to be clear about your objectives. Real estate can be a long- or short-term investment, dependent on what you hope to garner from your expenditure. It is important to make sure it will be a secure investment, not just based on personal preference. The following article will give you some practical suggestions on buying investment real estate.


For most property investors, their return also known as yield is the most important factor.  This means how much income in terms of rent are they going to receive in relation to their investment.  With such low interest payments available on bank deposits these days, people are looking for good, reliable sources of income. Therefore, any investment property you buy must be in a good area for people who want to rent a home.  One New Lynn real estate agent, David Whitley, thinks that the area offers good potential to landlords with good investment opportunities in the market.


There is a shortage or good rental properties at the moment which means that demand is high. On top of that, the new transport hub has made New Lynn a very desirable suburb which brings in even more people.


New Lynn Investment Property Growth

new-lynn-train-stationClearly, no-one can accurately forecast the future value of a home but many people do have their own thoughts on possible capital growth in property values.  With the shortage of homes available in the Auckland area, many people think that supply will be tight for some years to come. Consequently, numerous property investors anticipate good capital growth in any property investment they might be contemplating.


This hoped-for capital growth can often far outweigh the gains from any yield that people make on their rental income.  In fact, may property investors, only look for capital growth and regard the rent as merely a way of funding their investment. Many do not look to make a regular income from their investment, rather, they look more long-term and aim to make their return when they sell the property in years to come.


Where should you invest?

To make money off real estate, look for thriving areas in a promising suburb. New Lynn most definitely falls into that category. With the recent retail development and the transport hub, the New Lynn area is set to grow for many years to come.


Use a New Lynn Real Estate Agent to Find Properties

New Lynn real estate agentFinding a good investment property is not easy these days. Demand is high and so that means people are looking at the same properties as you. However, it will pay you to find a good real estate agent in New Lynn who knows the area well. They can give you good background information about the values of comparable properties so you can see if potential houses will fall within your budget.


If you would like help finding investment properties in New Lynn, David Whitley has a n excellent reputation in the area and has helped many people buy or sell homes. You can contact him on 02040052167 for a chat about your real estate investment plans.